Air Filter

We Supply not only a product, but also a solution.

Valence adhesives fulfill air filter hot melt adhesive fold distance and edge-sealing needs of air filters at all level, applying to vacuums, air conditioners, air filters used in factories and hospitals. There are various EVA based and polyolefin based adhesives with different heat resistance ability and low VOC.


Air Filter
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  • FilterBond 7983/FilterBond7985/FilterBond7986

    It is transparent white and has long open time and good bonding strength. Applies to various filter materials, ABS plastics and color plates. Can be used on air filters and filling/bonding while assembling refrigerators.

  • FilterBond 7435

    It is transparent white and has with good thermal stability and good bonding strength. Heat resisting temperature can be up to 120℃. Applies to Applicable for bonding filter materials such as nonwovens and papers.

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